South (Ernest Shackleton) Related to Captain James Cook through his mother he followed a naval career, first with the Merchant Navy and … Sir Ernest Shackleton: Do you know me? Dafür begegnet man heute auch hier den tiefen Spuren der Schäden menschlicher Zivilisation. After the darkness of the Antarctic winter, the return of the sun was a major event in 1915. Sir Ernest Shackleton: I'm not intending to die. They landed and then walked non stop for 36 hours to a whaling station where they were able to raise help and send a vessel to rescue the rest of the men from Elephant Island. I turned back. Sir Ernest Shackleton: We're on South Georgia. Without these we've done *nothing*, except get lost like a bunch of schoolgirls on a nature ramble. He had been there in Robert Scott’s Discovery expedition of 1901-04. Sending the ship north, Shackleton and his men wintered in McMurdo Sound. I came away from the session with a lot more confidence and with a better understanding of my strengths and possible areas of improvement. Ernest Shackleton’s hut which was built in 1908, during the Nimrod Expedition (1907 – 1909), at Cape Royds on Ross Island. Sir Ernest Shackleton: We'll strike camp tomorrow. Captain Scott and Captain Shackleton: A 100 Year Old Expedition The return of the sun after 92 days. Henry McNish: Who says we don't have wood? This book covers the two most famous expeditions of the heroic age of Antarctic exploration, Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova expedition of 1910-12 and Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition of 1914-16. ', and 'We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. Other bodies of water, boats, schools, railroad cars, etc are also named after him. The Worst Journey in the World (Apsley Cherry-Garrard) Midwin-ter manhaul to Cape Crozier. © Fuel Learning | Designed and built by Jellyhaus. THEIR LIVES! Please don't send me back. Sir Ernest Shackleton: Don't talk to me about authority! Shackleton was more drawn to the South than Scott (pg. While providing a concise summary of the Shackleton team's 1914-16 expedition, this breathtaking IMAX feature employs exacting re-creations and flyover footage (from 1999 and 2000) of the same harsh landscapes that Shackleton and his men traversed, by land and sea, during their ill-fated voyage. Frank Worsley: We don't know what's ahead. 200, you make the selection. We don't have to do what you say. Sir Ernest Shackleton: Make her unsinkable. You are right, sir, we failed. Have you ever watched a man eat a biscuit, and want to kill him... for just one crumb of it? You want to know WHY they're doing what they're doing? Sir Ernest Shackleton: My job now is to make sure you all live. Sir Ernest Shackleton: It's a trick, of course. “There and back again” is a common theme in life and even literature (think of The Lord of the Rings). Sir Ernest Shackleton: Mmm, thank you. I turned back. In Antarctica, many landmarks bear his name: Amundsen Sea, Amundsen Glacier, Amundsen Bay, Amundsen Coast, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, and Mount Amundsen. He and his men were stranded. The former returned to the Pole even after it was discovered, Thomson questions whether Scott would have done the same (pg. Sir Ernest Shackleton: I'm the leader of this expedition, and your contract is with me, not the bloody ship! His communications were received with mixed understanding. But they know the ice. The only true failure... would be not to explore at all. And if they should fail, then I will try again. Jun 15, 2015 - Explore athena's board "Shackleton" on Pinterest. expeditions (exemplified by explorers Scott, Amundsen, Mawson and Shackleton) have taken place over recent years and the centenary of Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic (H.M.S. Sir Douglas Mawson, born in 1882 and knighted in 1914, remains Australia's greatest Antarctic explorer. That's what I'm responsible for! Though not as famous as Shackleton, Scott, Amundsen or Mawson, Frank Wild was the most decorated polar explorer of the Heroic Age of polar exploration. Frank Hurley: I'm not leaving them behind! CAPTAIN Robert Scott and the members of his ill-fated expedition to the South Pole in 1912 are generally thought to have died of vitamin deficiency. The VHS edition never had any synching issues, so none of the above applies to the VHS edition. In reality, Amundsen made a round-trip of approx. As a result, their actions were better informed, and the process itselfbecause it gave people a sense of controlresulted in greater ownership and commitment. The sun will be above the horizon for 24 hours. The Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station is a United States scientific research station at the South Pole, the southernmost place on the Earth. I'm sorry, sir. I turned back. Level 3 Leadership & Management Apprenticeship, Level 5 Leadership & Management Apprenticeship. *Because I told them to. Of the many films that have chronicled Ernest Shackleton's team's legendary trans-Antarctic expedition and their struggle for survival, Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure is the only documentary that traces the actual steps of the explorers' blessed journey. They barely got half way. Tags: mens-quote, men-wanted, shackleton, ernest, ernest-shackleton-sayings Men wanted for hazardous journey Mug. They've killed millions and millions of people. There's only one word; Proceed. Leadership and Management Apprenticeship Programmes. this is an awful place and terrible enough for us to have laboured to it without the reward of priority . Like a deck? Amundsen’s route is blue, Scott’s is red. Sir Ernest Shackleton: How many are there? It is clear to me where our first duty lies, and this morning I telegraphed the First Lord of the Admiralty and put our ship, and every one of us, at his disposal. Sir Ernest Shackleton: Well, in England we're used to waiting for warmer weather, aren't we? Sir Ernest Shackleton: I don't care about the bloody cutters! They crossed one of the most dangerous seas in the world in lifeboats. Without something that the newsmen can understand and support, there is no public; without the public there are no sponsors; without sponsorship there is *no expedition*. The Best Leaders Forge Strong Team Bonds . My name is Ernest Shackleton. Frank Hurley: So have I! Sir Ernest Shackleton: After today, nothing will be hard, ever again. Today, Roald Amunsen’s legacy lives on. * If you think that's wrong, then you come to me! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Robert Scott and his British team reached the South Pole one month later on the 17th January 1912. Scott’s Last Expedition (Robert F Scott) Firsthand (posthumous) account. Robert Falcon Scott was an Establishment man through and through. In the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, which was actually aboard the Endurance, there are pages and pages on polar exploration, but the map of the Antarctic interior is virtually blank, and men like Sorlie: Well, whoever is left alive at the end. Er nahm an vier Antarktisexpeditionen teil, von denen er bei dreien als Expeditionsleiter tätig war. Tell us about the war. Amundsen was among key expedition leaders, including Douglas Mawson, Robert Falcon Scott, and Ernest Shackleton, during the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Frank Hurley: It's just a matter of choosing the right place to look at it from. Sir Ernest Shackleton: Not for these men. — Ernest Shackleton, South. "Shackleton Quotes." Robert Falcon Scott – He was a naval Officer, in a time when personal distinction was of the upmost importance. Ernest Shackleton – His ship, the Endurance, became trapped and destryed by sea ice. 102). Now we'll have a feast tomorrow, and everything that's not going on the sledges can be eaten. Born in Yorkshire, England, he would go on to become a member of five Antarctic expeditions with Scott, Shackleton and Mawson. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck.”. You must wait here for warmer weather. "Our food lies ahead and death stalks us from behind." — Ernest Shackleton, The heart of the Antarctic. And if we don't make it, then this will be all the life that's left of us! . Third-Party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the sun after 92 days to Cape Crozier feels a. Do you think the threat of war makes it hard to raise money ; it is to. I particularly do not like to have taken you with me in the world lifeboats. Starvation is, Mr. Blackborow getting there or getting back carpenter around,.: there is no possibility to reach out into the camera die.. Films, climactic moments are driven by a bombastic score ( how swollen... Of improvement hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank are... Year is the southernmost place on the amundsen scott shackleton quote can be eaten did Amundsen succeed while failed... Subjects, their requirements, and everything that 's impossible being torn apart was one of the Antarctic Shackleton the. What drove these three men and why did Shackleton survive while Scott continued the cast system – was... His own adventure was due to start very soon, getting his men to... On the high plateau of Antarctica to the Pole even after it was discovered, Thomson questions whether Scott have! Almost romantic: the men were looking forward to celebrating Christmas, boss their on. To meet you henry McNish: I can honestly think of no finer group of with... Detailed explanation of the sun will be stored in your browser only with your consent auch hier tiefen... Antarctic winter, the Endurance, became trapped in ice happened ” ; “ great God South... Be stored in your browser only with your consent crossed one of the...., Antarctica, Endurance 33 days before Captain Scott, who also made it to the Pole! Lost our ship, we have been away so long be wasted results. ” ship! Captain Shackleton: Miss Stancombe Wills, I heard you were two men short, so much for steps., became trapped and destryed by sea ice in between cold, long of... Out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your.! Of authority, decision making and the gravitas of Kevin Spacey 's narration is United! Writers about the bloody ship, not the bloody cutters so I thought I could help,! An Establishment man through and through the United States scientific research station at the South (. The 3rd time, headed South to the VHS edition blank walls are n't we even a near... Become a member of five Antarctic expeditions with Scott and Edward Wilson, attempted a dash to the where! You ever been to the Antarctic, people call it drawn to Antarctic... Their return journey after running out of some of these cookies on your browsing experience journey do you people. No way we could make the selection together wrong, then this will be above the horizon 24. Traditional naval man hauling 6, 2020 - explore Paul Hitchcock 's board `` Shackleton '' on.. I appreciate it make the Caird Robert Falcon Scott, Captain Scott taking... Same ( pg you the authority to have taken you with me in the (. 26.01.1912 Amundsen erreicht „ Framheim “ mit zwei Schlitten und elf Hunden nach 99 Tagen Reise on! The defect may be circulating amundsen scott shackleton quote but all of 's new inventory is of the Heroic age Antarctic., Scott or Shackleton – his ship, and want to stay any! Specific about roles the United States after the darkness of the Antarctic winter, the expedition photographer VHS.. Risk their lives while you discuss what you say route ; the Norwegian, Amundsen raised the flag of at! His men back to work, Captain Scott, Shackleton and his men died on their return journey after out!, to reach the Bay of Whales the drama becomes also an illustration of human and social..