People analytics is an emerging discipline that uses data analysis to measure, report, and understand the talent trends and workforce retention. A presentation at the 2018 California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference. A presentation at the 2018 California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference. A California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) presentation on the relationship between student academic and civil engagement and their employment patterns and outcomes. This study examines relationships between participation in extracurricular activities and post-graduation outcomes of undergraduate students who received a bachelor’s degree from University of California. Information for counselors. An award-winning presentation at the California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference on modernizing data stewardship and reporting using Tableau. CA Not only are test scores soaring, but incoming classes comprise students who are gifted … The admissions office and many other Berkeley campus departments will be hosting many presentations, workshops, and student panels for prospective applicants to engage with us virtually. Racial Trauma Resources - A collection of information and campus and community resources for race based stress and trauma. UC High School Counselor Conferences The UC High School Counselor Conferences 2020 have now passed. ; Let's Talk - A free virtual consultation program which provides easy access to conversations with clinicians from CAPS. IRAP seeks opportunities to increase awareness and support transparency efforts by sharing information about the University of California through presentations to colleagues, community members and others interested in higher education. Public Records Request, © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); San Diego County Office of Education. UCR's Career Center is dedicated to Connect, Inspire and Empower current students and alumni on their career paths. A presentation at the 2017 California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference about soft skills that students need for productive participation in the workforce. Counselors and peer mentors offer academic guidance and connect “Puentistas” with helpful resources. Universities have begun collecting data on gender identity and sexual orientation. A presentation at the California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference on the College Scorecard, which was created to increase accountability and transparency in higher education, Fall 2019 CSU Conference Workshop Presentations, Community College Counselor Resource Center, Website Accessibility and Content Disclaimer. On issues ranging from food security, to sexual misconduct to campus climate, surveys are becoming a vital tool institutional researchers use to assist leadership in improving student life. • Don’t leave unless it is very important to do so (if so, leave a friend there momentarily) … Mike Drish, Deputy Director of Undergraduate Admission, UCLA. A presentation to the UC Alumni Leadership Forum on alumni outcomes and projections, along with ongoing and future efforts to demonstrate the value of a UC degree. A presentation at CAIR 2019 asserts that effective storytelling can be extremely powerful; it draws people to the insights being presented. A presentation at the 2018 Student Experience in the Research University Symposium. Recording Options GoReact GoReact ( is a video presentation application exclusively available for 2021 Undergraduate Research Conference presenters.As the hosting platform for the URC conference… Academic Preparation: The Foundation for Students Success. This presentation shares approaches to mapping the 20,000+ community-based programs of the University of California, and other aspects of the university "footprint," including how mapping applications can produce interactive and static advocacy tools for harnessing the attention of stakeholders. Researchers explore the relationship of student gender, race, major, GPA and graduate degree with post-graduation earnings. Includes 12 slides describing different aspects of a school counselor… The occasion: UC Merced’s Counselor Conference, a rare opportunity for school counselors to network, hear important updates on UC … The UC Information Center: How did they do it? Participation in extracurricular activities is vital to student success and has been increasingly discussed as ways to complement academic curriculum and enrich students' educational experience. It presents three examples of research on relationships between UC undergraduate experience and employment outcomes. This presentation explores concepts related to sexual orientation and gender identity and considerations for institutions that want to collect that data. Students are prepared to take the state licensure exam to be licensed as a Professional School Counselor. A presentation at the 2018 California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference. and to put more information into the hands of those choosing a college and those working to improve Colleen Joyce. IR can conduct holistic analysis in a proactive manner to turn data into action and support these changes. COUNSELOR CONFERENCE The UC High School Counselor Conference offers the latest . Institutional Research professionals are also focusing on ensuring accessibility of online content. Unlike student success measures such as graduation rates and employment outcomes, comprehensive statistics on graduate school outcomes of undergraduates are largely unavailable. It was an oppressive 97 degrees outside, but Scout and school counselors throughout the central valley beat the heat safely within the Fresno Convention Center. Tanya Bulette. Anyone who advises high school students about higher education, from guidance counselors to principals and teachers, is welcome. While in the training program, students have opportunities to work closely with faculty to create presentations, manuscripts, and projects centered around the school counselor… Learn more about resources for counselors, teachers, and external organizations ... University of California Irvine. Survey: Most high school students feel unprepared for college, career, EdSource, New San Diego Promise: Yes, You Can Go To College!, Times of San Diego, Doing it for the College Resume, US News and World Report July, 2018, San Diego County Office of Education Stop by our state-of-the-art center to learn more about what it takes to become a successful professional in the workplace. All rights reserved. How do we know if alumni go on to graduate school? This study wants to find out what effects diversity had on the experience of college students with various backgrounds. A presentation at the 2018 California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference. Campus diversity: Impact on student experience and outcomes, Using geographic data in higher education advocacy, Survey says: How to create high quality surveys to assist in the evidence-based decision-making process, Engagement and employment outcomes of UC undergraduate students, Celebrating 150 years at the University of California, Getting hired: How UC prepares students for the workforce. A presentation at the “Exploring the Complexity of Contributions of Research University to Society” conference at UC Davis on how the University of California is illustrating alumni outcomes and contributions to society, along with the impact of research to the state. Note: Some slides may appear in more than one presentation and data are often updated--most recent presentations … Thank you for attending the 2020 CSU Virtual Counselor Conference. Welcome! While findings differ by industry of work and major, there are differences in pay associated with being female and/or being from an underrepresented minority group for UC alumni. The presentation reflects on accomplishments of both the system, along with the UCLA campus, over that time period demonstrating its contributions to California, along with its multiyear plan to support the state in the future. Thank you to all our wonderful participants! A presentation at the 2017 California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR) Conference about Data Governance practices at the UC Office of the President and the UCLA campus. Due to this, the committee has decided to forgo a 2020 UC Advising Conference. Administrative Institutes and Credentialing, Clear Administrative Services Credential Program, Preliminary Administrative Credential Program, Online Schools and Colleges in California, Survey: Most high school students feel unprepared for college, career. Schedule an appointment with one of our career counselors … This session presentation at CAIR 2019 provides an overview of importance of accessibility, accessibility resources, and accessibility best practices with the focus on Tableau.