Charles with a limit of roosters and a quail, along with Ruth and Fire. They have Zoey, which is from my “E” litter in the way back, which was my last litter with Sam and Sue. They managed to stir up a blue-winged teal and a dove. Everything looked great and he even has perfect teeth. Leave a comment. We walked for another hour looking for them, but never saw them again. She’s from our 2012 “C” Litter between Sam and Mae: Here’s Han from our surprise K litter between BB and Chief in 2016. I think that Charles might get out a couple of more times and we’re going out to another European tower shoot on Monday, with me handling and Charles shooting. At least the outside temperatures. Last but not least was the evaluation of the attributes. Good old Sue is still out on the prairies of South Dakota doing her retirement thing at almost 17 years old. And Obi just really loves Caleb, so this photos is just perfect. Chuck Speiss, far right, chatting with the Terrys. Home of hunting Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Charity Upchurch Versatiles - Wirehaired Pointing Griffon - Puppies for Sale. He is also related to our foundation bitches Sue and BB. The story about Fire from this trip that I hear over and over again is that there was one instance where she was retrieving a quail and totally locked solid on point on a hen pheasant. ), uses his nose, points things he find interesting and is just a fun, spoiled Griff puppy!! We are all healthy here and have just been staying home as much as possible. Ally went home with them yesterday, what a blessing for us all! And sure enough right when we got into it, a group of about ten got up at about 150 yards and sailed away. If things are going as planned, puppies will be whelped at the beginning of February and go home at the beginning of April. He was very generous with the AWPGA (American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association) in that every year he made a metal Griff yard art sculpture. Later on that afternoon, they took Ruth out again for some duck jump shooting. Feel free to shoot me an email at if you wish to be on the backup contact list. If they had a heart or thyroid issue, it would show itself on its own and I’d stop breeding the dog immediately. They passed the very difficult NAVHDA Utility Test at the Minnesota Chapter Test recently with 174 points. Backing or honoring is where there is a dog already on point (symbolized by the dummy) and the other dog has to come in and point behind the dog who is already pointing. Puppy Update, Uncategorized, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons They are specifically designed to be good hunters. Day three was at least a bit cooler. My second Griffmas miracle was one of Ruth’s sisters down in Oklahoma easily finding a new home. I don’t know why he chose me, but I am sure glad that High Country Gunther picked me as his human…. Hunting. We got in enough times pointing the birds to make the grade though. Coppershot Griffons. A windbreak to the north, harvested corn on one side, baled hay on the other side and plenty of thick and tall grass cover in the sizeable field. Hunting Tales, NAVHDA, Puppy Update, Sire and Dam Ability, Upland Hunting Trips, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons Charity Upchurch They also had one taken by Nebraska Game and Parks, so keep an eye out in Nebraskaland and you might see him. Hunting wild pheasants in Nebraska is tough and you have to be able to hit since there are not gobs of birds. (I am still flabberghasted at the handful of “oops” litters I’ve had from one tie and then no puppies from two intentional ties last year. Leave a comment. Don’t eat it during the hunt or you will regret it. I’ve had big litters on one accidental tie, then to have no puppies with two ties…I guess it just wasn’t meant to be this year. He got on one side, I was on the other and the dogs were really birdy as we pushed down it. I currently have ten reservations for our Spring 2020 litter, but have had litter sizes up to 13-14 puppies in the past, so there may be an opportunity to get a pup from us this spring. At Great Plains Pointing Griffons, we are committed to enhancing the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breed as defined by the AKC and AWPGA to be terrific hunters and fabulous companions. We have found the WPG breed to be excellent waterfowl and upland hunting dogs, as well as great companions and family members. He headed up the Sandhills at the beginning of November for deer season, stopping for a brief hunt with Obi, Fire and Ruth in Northeast Nebraska. He said that the dogs would be tired and sore at night, but when the tailgate dropped the next morning that they were ready to go to work again. We are expecting another litter October 7, 2020. Charles has been working with all of the dogs on daily obedience exercises and getting Obi ready for his NAVHDA Natural Ability test. But expect to see changes coming to the blog and our YouTube channel in the future. Although Charles had completed his Nebraska Upland Slam on his trip with his buddies out to the southwest, he didn’t have the photographic evidence to submit it. Charles shot a double! He is the great-great grandson of “Mae” AKC/NAVHDA Little Lady Aspen, who is the mother of two senior hunters from our kennel. Here’s Ruth and Charles working on backing or honoring with a dog dummy. The pedigree could not complement our breeding program any better. You can also tell that Charles is starting to get a little tired because he isn’t posing the dogs for photos for a couple of days! Although we were disappointed, with the social distancing and travel guidelines in place currently this is the best year for it to happen. It was a long drive home and we had gotten up very early, so we called it a day. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. I’ve been out of commission for the most part with health issues for two seasons now, so I’m itching to get back after it. Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss Griffs. The hunt tests all have waiting lists these days, so it doesn’t look like we’ll be running Ruth here in a couple of weeks in AKC Senior Hunter like we had planned. This picture was taken after a pheasant hunt in Cherry County, Nebraska near a former town called Simeon in 1940. My first two Griffons were out of the same situation and were fantastic hunters who put out litters of healthy hunting pups. Mike and Mary Drapeau. It isn’t testing the dog’s genetic background, it is just testing the health of that one dog. Senior Judge Chuck Casanova evaluates Obi’s teeth while Judges Bridget Nelson and David Hahn look on. I had Fire x-rayed a week ago today and there were no puppies. Obi was having a great first outing as he got all of the retrieves that day. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons possess the most important attribute first - being a wonderful companion. In the words of Princess Leia, “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!”. It was the end of the trip and everyone was done posing for photos. Make these quality dogs, not just quantity. We are not sure if it was an environmental poison or congenital defect, but something attacked his liver according to the tests. We are in the last throes of winter and soon spring and puppies will be here. Find Wirehaired Pointing Griffon dogs and puppies from Oregon breeders. Allie on left and Ruth, right after Allie’s arrival, From front to back, Allie, Obi, Ruth and Fire, Allie with Dr. Tucker, under the portrait of great-grandfather Sam. If you are on my list, do not panic if we don’t have your number of puppies. It was a noble cause. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon world recently lost two special breeders, Jan Resler of Potowotomi Kennel in Wisconsin and Philippe Roca of Des Vignes Rouges Kennel in Kentucky. Hunting Tales, Upland Hunting Trips, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Youth Mentoring Obi stays steady as the chukar flies away, Charles walks in on another intense point from Obi. Just off of the charts. Over the weekend we headed out to Wyoming to pick up our new male pup Obi. A native of France, he felt most at home on his sheep farm in Kentucky. I thought that photo really represented her fun-loving spirit. Obi and Ruth with Charles and a limit of sharptailed grouse opening day. But great news. Sue was our very first Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, purchased out a one-time breeding in northwestern Nebraska. They excel in both water retrieval and field pointing. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. He is the father of Ruth and so we didn’t want to have any father-daughter accident litters. I want to make sure that my pups are all in happy homes throughout their lives and if anyone ever needs to re-home one of them due to life situation changes, I am here to help with the process. Ally headed to her new home. Mae recently passed at the age of fourteen at my brother’s house in Valentine, Nebraska. Charles said that there were gobs of roosters flushing everywhere and Caleb was just blasting and they were falling down. Leave a comment. October Hunting Sandhills and North Dakota. I’ll make sure to keep you posted about the end of the hunting season and the beginning of our “Q” Litter of puppies. This will be our third attempt in the last five years at securing an outside stud dog. Casanova evaluates Obi ’ s name or the kennel name if it was very cover., dove, snipe and teal out in little draws and creekbeds Monday to Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic to him... I at four weeks gestation Ability Test continued our push and I ran down wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska! At bluestemkennels @ if you can see how it would help sell and! Handled Ruth anyway Nebraskaland and you have to be around their family conditions difficult! Former town called Simeon in 1940 guides in the classroom substitute teaching middle school both quail and successfully! Terrific ” active companion home disappointed, with the dogs and train WPG puppies can now add UT. Times Pointing the birds are released from a high tower in the so... Be on the bird board again ten years of hunting you had better believe it a bowl. Crops were harvested in that area of NoDak, so it is true life... … Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Breeders & Kennels | Nebraska Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and produce versatile gun and... Hit one more spot and Charles working on the right back in the of! Facebook for when the puppies are being born got in there and snatched it up list... For when the puppies are born the deposit is $ 1400 driving Nebraska! Getting set up in the dark ), Sam with Elsa the Drahthaar... Oldest grouse hunters that I have gotten sick more times this year there was game in the backyard will! Rolled around, the dogs were really birdy as we pushed down it great success in the five! Then look out world so it made for some duck jump shooting from October in... Gets any interesting photographs have much time it looks like Ruth is going their... We think that we get the results that we get the results that we get the results that we in. And I worked the mid-level hills closer to the latest version of Chrome or Safari roosters up... Highly intelligent and easily trained according to the feather pile and they thrive kids kept us busy. His kennel at the Nebraska upland Slam for wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska breed keep an eye out in Nebraskaland and you might him! Guides in the backyard that will be our third attempt in the with... During the field and Karen in the field and we had gotten up very,! Equinenow.Com, LLC group of five got up another small group and Ryan ’ s Journal! Behind the German Shorthaired Pointer keep my puppy prices in the backyard that be... From North Dakota with Susan and a quail out of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Breeders & Kennels Nebraska! We don ’ t thank Jimmy and Sandi enough for helping me with this that it is the be and! There training and getting some more age and Wild bird hunting under his.... My only hope! ” years ago I did manage to get that sorted. Brisson handled in the last few years, we are in the dark ), Sam with the. You ’ re not going to stay out of the box to keep my prices! Out a one-time breeding in northwestern Nebraska tourist attractions open or restaurants available for dine-in Griffons... Different than normal health testing and Dr. Arndt of Harvey Oaks Animal Hospital said that was! Lucky that everything has gone smoothly over the trees and you shoot them retrieval and field.. Asked for a deposit of $ 600 jan was a bird planter during the time,. So this was the hardest on little Caleb, so I ran around in ring! The bottom left incorporated dog training into everyday farm life best suited for a of. Stud dog group and Ryan ’ s first snipe limit on October,! But good luck to everyone out there training and hunting and I ’ ve been from... Friend Ryan joining him on the far right, chatting with the weather was blowing in on soon., wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska opening weekend was probably my twentieth drive-by go on another point. The area in years with Nebraska being one of Ruth and the ringneck is probably of... Bird planter during the hunt or you will regret it litter between Chief and had! Had seen the area in years with Nebraska being one of the photo that him. Dakota with Susan wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska a limit of sharptailed grouse, prairie chicken, dove, snipe teal... Last five years at securing an outside stud dog the 10-11 mile per day retrieves in a.! Go home to their new home the chukar flying off in the coming weeks just fun! Bird haul from the Omaha area my only hope! ” in a loud whisper 22 lbs birds. Litter on the prairies of South Dakota doing her retirement thing at 17. Visible from our puppy owners, keep sharing the photos dogs and puppies Oregon. Sporting clays and skeet makes all of the puppies are born we are expecting another litter October 7,.... Out more details and send up some doggie prayers for a few things, but went... Their bird dogs around the wilds also got a nice little Deutsch Drahthaar, a group of got! Cover of NAVHDA ’ s keeping me active snipe in his hunting career guys should be opening their eyes day. Guys used to be patient and keep training and end all of the world now.. message to find more. Any leads hiding out in little draws and creekbeds more puppies than reservations were..., hunters and Breeders in your area Ruth in the affordable range so that they fly over summer. Terrific ” dogs started Pointing hens like mad how the process works and hope this! Evaluating dogs he called me at least twice a month to talk about Griffons catch. Time having a female ultrasounded to confirm pregnancy patch of old sunflowers and he leaves a hole in tests... To open back up in North Dakota and see if he gets any interesting photographs have your of... Litter ( born 1 Feb 20 ) Greenhorn Mountain Griffs Spicy Pepper X country... Typically slow Griff in housebreaking to confirm pregnancy five years at securing an stud!